• Mistress Beth
  • Colombian / Venezuelan
  • Netherlands, Europe
  • 30 Years Old
  • (+31) 645 808 612
  • (+507) 6283 4550
  • Breasts 90cm / D (36)
  • Brown eyes
  • @mistresssbeth
  • Escort / Dominatrix / BDSM

  You are here because you wanted it, because you want it and long for it. You have prostrated yourself before me because you know that there is no other place for you than on your knees and at my feet. I am a unique domina.

Now you belong to me, you are my property and my possession. According to your words, there is no other reason for your existence other than being subjected to my domination. I accept you as my submissive, as my possession. Your body is the territory I will conquer, but in your mind and heart I will establish my kingdom.

I am a true domina expert in bdsm practices, sessions for all levels. Dare to live a different experience, awaken your senses, feel the power of a dominant woman and transport yourself to an erotic world of fantasies, I will be waiting for you at my feet .  


Panama: +507 62834550

Netherlands: +31 645 808 612

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